Adhesive Media

Permanent Adhesive
Combines inherent durability with high quality adhesives and liner materials to meet a wide variety of application needs. Leaves no residue, Easy to remove, can withstand various weather conditions. Works well on smooth walls, chloroplast, glass, metal, and wood.

The label stock enables multi-dimensional bonds reducing risk of adhesive failure and: Long-lasting adhesive bond that endures extreme conditions. Protection against water, steam, ice and extreme temperature exposure.

High-definition print for color imaging
Accommodates precision printing of text, bar codes, QR codes, microprint text, color photos and other security data more effectively than other synthetic substrates that only allow inks and toners to rest on their surfaces.

Versitile & High Quality Printing
Compatible technologies include offset, flexographic and digital platforms such as laser/electrographic, inkjet and thermal transfer printing. It also functions well with gravure, screen, intaglio, split fountain, micro-printing and more.

Durable for Tough Environments
Scuff Resistant, Water Resistant

Accommodates a variety of converting methods and finishing techniques
Substrate maintains strength and flexibility during finishing processes such as perforating, punching, Die-cutting, folding, sewing, grommeting, foil stamping and embossing.

? Thermal stability
Substrate remains pliable in temperatures from -70°C/-94°F to 180°C/356°F, even during prolonged exposure or rapid temperature change.

Highly Bondable Adhesion
Readily absorbs toners, bonding printed text, graphics and photos to its surface nearly instantaneously to ensure that printed information stays secure longer than on other print materials.